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New users of the Ceridian Provider Portal should be advised that the Portal site is optimized to work with Google Chrome or older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and users of other browsers like Firefox or Safari may encounter ActiveX support issues.

Important! Please read below: 

Many Internet Explorer users, with versions higher than 6.0, will have issues with some of the online forms, unless they enable "Compatibility View mode". Without Compatibility View enabled, they will not be able to see the error tags and form messages on the site, and will have difficulty submitting their forms and invoices.

In order to activate the Compatibility View mode, users must look on their web browser toolbar for the 'Tools' button. Under Tools, there is a button for 'Compatibility View Settings' which takes you to a menu where you can configure Compatibility View. In this menu, you can add websites to a view settings list, or you can choose to enable Compatibility View by default. If you click on 'Add', and enter the URL: into the view-list, the Provider Portal can be viewed in Compatibility View mode.


Users who use Microsoft Internet Explorer versions higher than version 6.0, depending on their browser security settings, may receive a message requesting the allowance of an addon to be installed. This Microsoft web addon is necessary for these browsers to run the site properly. It is an ActiveX control that allows your Portal account to communicate with the web server, and for proper Portal operation it must be present on your computer.

First time users may see a screen like the following:


The red arrow in the graphic above points to the Active X control bar. (The portion with the blue shield that reads, "This website wants to run the following add-on...") Due to your web browser's security settings, you must click on this bar to access the install command. Please allow the addon to be installed, otherwise you may have issues with webform errors not being highlighted, which will prevent those forms from being published.


You may have to clear your cookies and temporary internet cache if you've answered 'no' to the prompt before. Allow the plug in to fully install, and make sure it's visible in your Managed Plugins section under IE Tools, listed as 'NameCtrl Control'.

**Some Firefox users will also find that they may have issues printing out completed web forms, or that only the first page will be printed. Using Internet Explorer will usually resolve this issue.**

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